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Iman Khalili delves into the life and work of Canadian artist Charlotte Wall to discover her approach and philosophy towards her art and her life. Looking at her life through the same frame as her art practice, Wall shares intriguing lessons learned along the way.

The last day before I left my life in Lisbon, I jumped for the first time on Tram 24; The all famous tram that runs from Largo do Camões in Chiado to Campolide. I wanted to see Lisbon in all of its entirety and take it all in before I leave.

A 40 seconds journey in the cold New York winter.
Music: Consequence - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

India is Amazing. But, Kerala is something else.
It was like a dream that never happened. It still visits me as a daydream, and takes me away with it while I am busy somewhere else on this earth. truly amazing. must visit.

The Sun setting in the horizon pierced through the sandstorm. Barely keeping our eyes open, we cowered by the massive wooden gate and gave it three heavy pounds. A smaller door opened, with two eyes gazing at us. After a brief moment, we were allowed in.

Prague was beautifully peculiar and charmingly strange in the cold months...
I wanted to share the feeling that i got from the visit.
For the music: I chopped and mashed various creative commons sounds of hang drums with some old Ratatat beats.

There is nothing like Bazar hopping before the Iranian new year.
Its all about the food, colours, people, smiles and the hustle and bustle.
You have to come out to the bazar to shop and to get in the groove for the new year.
The Bazars visited here are: Tehran, Tajrish, Tehran Flower market, Isfahan and Yazd.

The Pianist Who Lost it all, and then…
Mehrdad Mehdy, a wandering accordionist in the streets of Tehran has a fantastic story.
He was a superb pianist and an instructor, but at some point in his youth he succumbed to addiction, lost most of his possessions as well as his studio, and began a new life on the streets. Through the months, he found something that changed his life. The Accordion. It was like a portable piano, it was his saviour.

When I met him, he was rebuilding his life with the help of his loyal comrade, the Accordion. He was on a rehab program, and also very close to releasing his first cd through Kherad Art House, a label which supports young musicians who don't have much support.

Funky Iranian Southern Hospitality at its Finest!
Traveling into the south of Iran, and around the Boushehr port, my excitement was through the roof.
The sea, the music, the warmth, the people, the smells, the sounds...! I was talking to random strangers in the street, and somehow my weirdness was fine here.

The Italian Prophet
I met Roberto while on a project in Chiusi; a magical little town on the mountains in Tuscany. We started chatting in a park and he spoke of of his ideas on life. A few years ago, he had written a book. The book questioned our evolutionary views on human intelligence, nature and how we view one another with regards to race, culture and civilization.

He had sold 0 copies.
some years later, he compressed his ideas into 12 pages and put it on Amazon.
Still, no one noticed.
I told him that this generation can give you only 30 seconds. “Tell me what you have in mind and I will try to capture it.” What resulted was 7 minutes of video, which I have compacted into 3.5. It certainly doesn’t do what he had to say justice. But it is a start.
Soundtrack: The End - Christophe Rezai
(Sorry about the shakiness and the sound quality. It was an extraordinary moment that had to be captured on the go!)

A 1 minute escape and tribute to the nature of central Iran and those who have tirelessly protected it.
A heartfelt and eternal thank you to the caretakers of these sublime landscapes, many of whom have put their lives on the line today to keep these places untouched by the hands of the greedy.

He ran from one to another...telling truths to blank stares.
A video I made on cold winter night's blizzard on Staten Island, NY.
Edited with the beatiful remix of Josh Garrel's "Words Remain" by Moderator.

A Visual Journey to the Mystic town of Chiusi.
I Made this for the little town of Chiusi, perched on top of a mountain in the heart of Tuscany.
We were here on an assignment: to help the city redefine itself.
Their famous festival had been cancelled and the prospects of the city having any tourists was bleak.
To me, the city was sitting on a goldmine that had not ever been tapped. There was a subtle and tender mysticism about it’s 2000 years of history, the thermal baths, the silence, the wind, the beautiful trees, the wholesome food.
We proposed Chiusi as a city of well being. A city where one, contrary to the other towns of Italy, comes to find oneself. To travel within.

Why is Iran Happy?

On July 14th, 2015, Iran finally worked out an agreement regarding its Nuclear issue with the world powers.
It was an intense situation. During the past decade, Iran had been put under numerous sanctions which isolated it from the world.
Its economy was adversely affected, and its people constantly felt its every effect in their lives.
So as the negotiations reached their final deadline and was postponed numerous times beyond every party's patience, the agreements finally came to a conclusion on July 15th. A day many came to call a "Historic Day".
At night, the people flocked the streets of the capital, to breathe a sigh of relief and to rejoice for a possible bright future. They were loud, proud and full of energy. Celebrating the triumph of diplomacy and peace over war.
After all, over half of Iran's population is under 35. A population that is passionate, has many hopes and dreams for its future, wants to connect, create and do good. And perhaps, hope, is the greatest gift that one can have at this time.

Wondering the old quarters of Tehran, the evening set in and the full moon came out. The tired and weary made their way back home, their mumbles and quiet conversations echoing through the city while their busy thoughts faded into a calm doze.

Aahhh, the last Wednesday of the year.
Ask any Iranian and he'll have a crazy story or two to share. It's that time when Iran has an unofficial, nation-wide street-party. Underground and out in the open.
The theme of the party? Fire.
Bring your own booze, music and fireworks.

The Art of the Incense. A one minute journey through an incense workshop in Hue, Vietnam.

This is what Canadians do to start the new year: we wake up from our hangovers, and jump into the icy cold water to kick off the new year and restart our lives.

These 5 skewers of tender chicken in peanut gravy will fly you to the moon! When I was living in Indonesia, Sate was my guilty pleasure. This sate booth was run by this wonderful and powerful lady who knew how to cook up the tastiest street food in town.
It was back in 2011. Beginning a new life in Delhi, we wanted to start it with a special breakfast on the street. The seller: Sorry, only spicy Me: oh, no problem. I love spicy. ... (2 minutes later) Me: shut the camera off. My tongue is missing. I want my mom.
How much tastier can it get? Coconut + Glutinous Rice, cooked inside hollow bamboo sticks over fire. Eaten with meat curries/stews like Beef Rendang.

What's better than finding a deserted casino hidden high in the forests of Cambodia?

Having yourself a quick wedding there.

Being a tourist, visiting sites and such, I always have a problem: finding toilets.

For a newcomer, the sensory overload of a city like Delhi can be very intimidating. I was no different. When I actually managed to put aside my inhibitions, and had the directions to the nearest hospital in my back pocket for a potential Delhi Belly, I found Delhi to be rather like a lost grandmother I never knew I had.

Overtime her temper tantrums and occasional snaps grew on me and I always knew that I would have a full belly and beaming smile on my way home at the end of the day.

(mind you, the video was my first attempt in 2012 so I might not be super-smooth)

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